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The head moved to action

In every moment away from the black, the color, light, paper, cloth, lens touches to its termination, the emotion expressed.
Every line, every scratch, every brushstroke and click of the camera has its own space which seeped emotion seeks the truth.
Trips are made. If tool hand intertwined with black, the color, the light. Telling to the white part of the surface on which the head that has its origin.

The directness of action makes the leap of originality to the processes in the head. The things we perceive with our senses tell us about an apparent reality that an opening when we really aware of what we encounter it. It gives us the opportunity to change the overall picture can perceive. You could say that the awareness within yourself so sharpen, you see that you have a perfect image of what you perceive.
Abstraction or figuration of images that appear to us are inversely proportional. It`s always about the awareness of time and space that are always placed in spirit and matter, and finally in another dimension, the actual truth to see.

The line, the scratch, the brushstroke, the click is on the border to the truth to see.
Choices are not made from the manipulative behavior of the head.
Here is only the endless plains of uncertainty which answers notched behind on everything you are and are not.

The Illusion of Being, the obligation to find out what we think we are. Again and again when using the act to make the white part of the plane hitting, comes the realization that what is true of the illusion.
Freedom is caused by the action of the hand intertwined with black, the color, the light. The head has moved under the action of only the pressure. Thus, the only wonder.
It is not manipulated by the considerations of the head but by her originality to find because you feel the illusion in the act.

Once you leave the reins to celebrate a horse takes his freedom. Similarly, if the reins be left in the head.
The head will then be free to choose the operation to find the truth.
What once started as the contact point of the plane has the "form" given by the act in freedom. There is no time and space for fear that ubiquitous by the head.

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